The Personal Survival Kit comes complete with a metal match, tinders, and an opinel folding knife.

Personal Survival Kit - $79.99

The USI Personal Survival Kit is a result of exhaustive testing this survival kit is designed to take you past the “72 hour” accepted time frame for survival.

The Personal Survival Kit tinders include Utility Flame Gel, WetFire, and USI SuperNovas.

Personal Survival Kit - $79.99

The USI Personal Survival Kit is in a self contained bag that has a zippered main compartment and reinforced hook/loop exterior pockets. The Personal Survival Kit is MOLLE ready and can be strapped to gear or worn on a belt.

It is impossible to create a fire without an ignition source. Universal Survival Innovations uses quality time-tested sources for the Personal Survival Kit.

Personal Survival Kit - $79.99

The USI Personal Survival Kit contains equipment necessary to meet the USI 7+1 Survival Priorities of Fire Craft, Water Procurement and Treatment, Emergency Shelter Craft, Visual and Audible Signaling, and Navigation.

The Personal Survival Kit has a shelter, signalling devices, emergency water bags, chlorine dioxide tabs, and also includes a simple baseplace compass for navigation.

Personal Survival Kit - $79.99

The PSK includes an Opinel Classic #9, metal match, Utility Flame and USI SuperNova tinders, tarp with 25' of shroud line, 1 liter emergency water bags with chlorine dioxide tablets, headlamp, baseplate compass, mirror and whistle.

The ASIST Video series is a new concept in the world of survival. SERE Survival Training in the comfort of your own home or live streaming in the field!

Personal Survival Kit - $79.99

A great compliment to the USI PSK is the ASIST Improvised Shelter Craft instructional video. You will learn site selection and improvised shelters that have been proven time and again by USAF SERE Specialists.


Personal Survival Kit - $79.99

The USI Personal Survival Kit is the first wilderness survival kit designed by S.E.R.E. Specialists for the USI family. A result of exhaustive testing this survival kit is designed to take you past the “72 hour” accepted time frame for survival. USI understands very well that most survival situations are short term but there is a possibility of them lasting much, much longer. Because of our “roots” the cadre at USI feels it is more important to train and plan for the worst case scenario, not the best scenario and 72 hours is a base case scenario.

The USI Personal Survival Kit contains prioritized items designed to maintain life in the worse conditions. All of the items found in the PSK are based on “real world” situations that either the USI staff has experienced or suggestions from others who have been lost and alone. For example, instead of the micro flashlight which many kits include, there is a durable waterproof headlamp. This simple but important change from the norm allows hands free operation when building a fire, erecting a shelter or treating a medical emergency.

In addition USI has added a TRUE emergency shelter instead of the cheap foil blankets or plastic “tents” found in other kits. Shelter is Shelter and it is designed to protect you and your gear from the environment. A shelter is not a placebo designed to create a false sense of security just to fail you at the first storm. We at USI are committed to your personal safety and each of our products are tested NOT to fail you.

In accordance with our desire to save lives, USI has included what is considered the quintessential survival tool, a knife. Although this was the most difficult selection in the kit, the USI R&D group provided a durable and reliable folding knife which is strong enough to split wood in case a true emergency fire is needed. Thoroughly tested in the Rocky Mountains, this knife proved itself not only safe but reliable in the hands of people ranging from ages 15 to 50.

All items in the USI Wilderness Personal Survival Kit are there to save your life including the water system. Few companies, if any, can boast that their survival kit has biologically sealed drinking containers which ensure safety to the survivor until use. Combined with supplied purification tablets, the USI Environmentally Sealed Emergency Container is a proprietary idea and can only be found in our kits.(refills available)

The USI Personal Survival Kit is housed in a VERY durable container designed to go on anything from a belt to MOLLE webbing. From the Bird Watcher to the Extreme Sport Enthusiast the Personal Survival Kit has got you back! It truly is a Get Home Bag on your belt.


Kit Includes:

  • MOLLE Pouch
  • 5’x7’ Emergency Shelter
  • 25’ 8 Strand 550 Cord
  • Folding Knife
  • Ferrocerium Rod
  • USI Supernova© Tinder
  • Cooking Fuel/Tinder
  • Headlamp
  • 1 Liter Water Bags w/ Purification Tablets
  • Emergency Whistle/Mirror
  • Compass
  • Due to food allergies and medical allergies/conditions medical supplies and food are not included in this kit. However, there is an external pouch designed for this purpose and upon request USI can provide a mini-trauma Kit for use. Brands, Colors, and qty. may vary based on availability. Quality will never be sacrificed.

    SEREous Blog Entry - 6/4/2014 - Is There a Perfect Survival Kit?

    Is there a perfect survival kit? Possibly, if you know your realistic capabilities and can take into account all possible scenarios you find yourself in then sure, the perfect survival kit can be built. Skill set will have a lot to do with the construction of your kit, especially when trying to keep it light and compact. An example of this is the synthetic flint fire starter. I have one in my kit which is just over two inches long and I find it adequate for my needs. However many people I train find it very difficult to use and prefer something along the lines of the Blast Match, which is a one-hand system owned by the Revere company. The Blast Match is much bulkier and heavier than what I use but for individuals who don’t practice starting fires with a spark it’s an ideal survival tool.

    This same principle applies to the knife one carries. Ideally the best survival knife is around seven inches long, made of high quality steel with a solid non abrasive grip. In addition it should be simple in design with a flat back strap for pounding when splitting wood and have a guard capable of mitigating the possibility of injury. Some of the more classic designs, such as the Buck 124 Frontiersman are much more functional in the field than some of the “sexier” combat designs.

    Unfortunately, large knives like the 124 are designed for belt carry and are not really adaptable to a personal survival kit and thus functionality must give way to size and weight considerations. For a small personal survival kit the folding “pocket” knife comes out on top. Although limited in its capabilities a folding knife of the correct size and configuration will carry and individual through a myriad of situations.

    When choosing a folder for the survival kit a couple of things must be looked at. First is quality. Your personal survival kit may be the only thing between you and a miserable cold death so it must be high quality. Too many pre-made kits on the market reduce cost with this one VERY important item. A good quality folding knife can be purchased for between $30.00 and $50.00 which is not a lot when your life is at stake.

    Second is the lock up. The knife must have a solid positive locking system. Most knives in this price range fit the bill but just test it before you buy. Even the higher end companies produce inferior products.

    Last is the blade. The blade should be as straight as possible or have a slight concave shape. Knives which curve up too fast (the bowl) are designed for skinning and, although they can be used in an emergency, are inferior designs for field use.

    Around these two key items the rest of the survival kit can be constructed following the 7 +1 priorities of survival.
    These are:

    • Positive mental Attitude (PMA)
    • Medical
    • Water
    • Fire
    • Personal Protection
    • Communication
    • Food
    • Plus Navigation

    Although priorities are arranged in a specific order they are fluid enough to be re-arranged for the event and need. For example, signal may become the first priority if you are attempting to flag down a vehicle immediately after a car crash or trying to establish contact with another member of your party in times of civil unrest.

    If these needs are filled in your personal survival kit then you have accomplish your mission of preparing for the worse. Most normal situations last between 24 and 72 hours with the majority of survival events being of shorter duration (24 hours). However, USI added Navigation to the original 7 because of historical long term events which require movement. With this in mind, it is quite possible to construct a high quality survival kit which can be carried on the belt or at the most in a shoulder bad or backpack.

    ~Ben Barr

    What is the A.S.I.S.T. Video Series?

    In today's fast paced mobile world, it is very difficult to dedicate the time necessary to attend a specific training program on location. USI's answer to this issue is the Applied SERE Instruction and Security Training Video Series. A.S.I.S.T. is an eLearning platform that USI has designed and implemented to deliver quality training to its patrons in the comfort of their own venue. This has become very popular with USI clients due to the ever growing need for specific programs that target large organizations with travel limitations.

    A program, in the USI vernacular, is the lesson, instruction and products which ensure the patron the best chance of returning from a survival situation. The USI Team is particularly well equipped to develop these programs due to their history as technical experts and writers for the United States Air Force. In fact, the S.E.R.E. Specialists at USI may have written more “survival” programs than any group other than the Department of Defense. USI cadre has written survival related programs for the DOD, Government Agencies, Private Companies, Public Schools and more.

    However, USI doesn’t stop with the writing of a program. Our experts initiate and develop a relationship with your people so as to instruct them in the use of the equipment and the skills necessary for surviving in their operational environment. Whether it is the Arctic, Open Ocean, Urban, Desert, Mountain or Forest the USI team can develop a program for you. USI is unique in the fact that we do not borrow other’s information and then teach from it; we develop it.

    Course planning and instruction are only two thirds of the equation. USI also designs and produces specialized survival kits for our clients based on our combined experience. You should never have to worry if the “kit” you are carrying will get you out. Whether it is caving, hiking through a jungle, or relaxing in your home in “tornado alley”, you can be confident that you are as prepared as anyone on the planet with a survival system designed for you specific needs.

    Through the A.S.I.S.T. Video Series, all participants from single individuals to global corporations can be educated with convenience and continuity.

    USI has been in the business of saving lives for a very long time and we take your survival S.E.R.E.ously!

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