Survival for Women

As a Woman-Owned Small Business, USI understands the importance of enabling women to deal with survival situations, especially when family members are involved.

Recreational Sports

Recreational trips are great fun unless something goes wrong. Over, Under, Around or Through, USI has survival training for you and your outdoor adventures.

Corporate Emergencies

Corporate Emergency Preparedness is a complicated subject. USI can develop a Emergency Preparedness Program regardless of the size of your company. Equip, Train, or Design? USI is the correct choice.

Emergency Preparedness

USI understands the concept of saving tax payer's dollars. We can bring your Municipality's Emergency Preparedness Training in on time and on budget!

First Responders

First Responders are the People's first line of defense. Let USI develop a rescue and recovery training program that helps save lives. From vests to medical kits, we can help!

Military and Armed Forces

Sometimes supply doesn't have exactly what you need. USI will design a survival program based on your input and requirements. We are more than just a survival kit company.


Consulting takes patience, listening skills, and experience. USI has all of these virtues and can produce an extraordinary team to meet your specific Emergency Preparedness needs.


USI Concept of Operations

At no time in recent history has there been a greater need for Personal, Corporate, and Governmental Responsibility in Continuity of Operations and the protection of human life. Regardless if you are a hiker on the Appalachian Trail, a survivor of a natural disaster, a Risk Management Officer, or a Military Team Member, USI has a program available or can build a program around your needs.

USI has a broad spectrum of personnel including S.E.R.E. Specialists, Communication and Electronics Experts, Military and Security Professionals, and Psychological Consultants. USI's Concept of Operation differs from most in the respect that we provide cutting edge equipment based on proven technology combined with proprietary instructional programs. Not only do our customers receive the survival gear necessary for their specific needs, but they also receive experience based instruction on how the equipment is used.


Recreational Sports are an essential part of the human experience. Being prepared for an emergency is regularly overlooked when we are busy having fun. USI understands the need for both fun and safety. Whether your adventure takes you in the air, on the water, or over the land, USI has equipment and programs to help you prepare.

USI products and custom kits only become available for purchase after they have been tested by our R & D Department. USI instructional programs are designed to support, enhance, and educate the individual in all aspects of survival. USI takes pride in the fact that our families utilize the same equipment and adhere to the same survival priorities that we teach.

Have fun and be prepared!


USI understands that when it comes to safety, protection of human lives and continuity of operations in the corporate world can be a complex issue. Regardless of the size of your company USI can prepare a program to fulfill your needs for responding to a disaster.

From custom emergency kits designed to protect life to training programs created to teach YOUR employees how to handle hostage situations, USI is up to the task. Building on programs which have shown their merit in both the military and the government, USI programs are the best in the world and are designed specifically for you. Seldom are any two kits or training programs exactly alike because no two businesses are the same.

USI is there for you and you only.


Sometimes, no matter how much effort is put into prevention, things go wrong. Natural disasters can strike without warning or can be so large no amount of warning is enough. Terrorist attacks or civil unrest can create panic among the general population. When situations like these occur, all eyes turn towards the municipality for a solution.

USI utilizes a cost-plus mentality which is beneficial to every Municipality when transparency is an issue. USI provides equipment and training support that is constructed around your geographical area, operational program, and logistical need. Utilizing USI enhances your organization's ability to mitigate potential emergency situations while maintaining Continuity of Operations. Our security and communication professionals work for you, with you, and never against you.

First Responders

First Responders are a unique group of individuals.

Like the Military, every First Responder's life is on the line 24/7 and there is a real possibility of being isolated without backup or support. First Responders chose to move into the situation, not away from it.

Because terrorist attacks, natural disasters, civil unrest, and industrial accidents can happen without warning, First Responders require a broader spectrum of emergency preparedness. Our unique staff has a history of working with First Responders and understands both their mentality and their needs.


Sometimes the tools necessary for the job are not available from supply.

USI's unique Military Programs are designed specifically for the isolated personnel who is unsupported by their unit.

USI programs are built upon request and are designed around operational parameters. Our S.E.R.E. Specialists have worked with all branches of the Military and have an in depth knowlege of Deployed Operations.

Choosing USI does not bring a vendor to your door, but adds a member to your team.


Our diverse staff and the ability to call on specialized experts makes USI the perfect choice for emergency preparedness, security and safety consultation.

Whether it be in the form of a post terror incident or continuity of operations plan and preparation, USI can help you design a program. Even if your needs are as simple as researching and supplying equipment in support of your own recovery plan, USI is there to do the footwork, testing and supplying.

USI's broad spectrum outlook at today's needs gives us the ability to adapt when others simply sit and stare. USI prides itself on assisting organizations with determining their emergency preparedness needs, supplying equipment and training their people.

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