Each USI knife is the best survival knife because each is hand made from English tool steel.

USI C.A.T.S. Knives

The Baby Bolo, exclusive to SERE Specialists, is designed by Ben Barr, USAF Master SERE Specialist, and each is handmade in the USA from British Tool Steel!


USI Combat & Tactical Survival Knives - Bubbas Only Baby Bolo

Universal Survival Innovations Combat and Tactical Survival Knives are some of the finest handmade tool steel knives available on the market today.

Each design is developed for the specific task at hand based on user input and field research. Many USI knives are designed specifically for military and police use only. USI knives are only available for purchase after an approved design makes it through prototyping and extensive testing.

USI knives are handcrafted in the USA, sharpened and inspected before being delivered to their new owner. Limited edition knives are signed and numbered by Ben Barr. If you would like for Universal Survival Innovations to make your group or organization a knife, please contact us at customerservice@usiusa.com

NOTE: Each knife is hand made in the USA from British Tool Steel.
Translation: It may take up to 6 weeks for delivery, so plan ahead. It's definitely worth the wait!

Ben Barr - Master SERE Instructor

Ben has been teaching Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) since 1981 when he joined the USAF as a “Survival Instructor”. In that Thirty plus year period he has taught all aspects of SERE, trained at both domestic and international schools, written SERE doctrine and instruction, researched and developed cutting edge techniques for dealing with both psychological and physical challenges and injuries, tested equipment and wrote evaluations on results. He is a Master Instructor.

The groups and individuals whom Ben has instructed and/or developed programs for include people from various military branches, government agencies, and civilians from all different backgrounds. Members of the Rangers, Green Berets, Pararescue, Combat Control, Navy SEALs, Air Force Crew Members and MARSOC are just some who Ben has taught. Outside the military he has taught people from the DEA, Local Law Enforcement, Department of Natural Resources, the FBI and other Federal Agencies. Equally adept at teaching civilian groups, Ben has instructed various lessons and developed programs for groups such as the Girls Scouts of America, South Carolina public schools, Covenant Heights and others.

Unlike many Instructors in the “survival training” world, Ben brings to the table both experience from training as well as experience from some of the toughest streets and locations in the world. Ben has won Instructor of the Year three times, nominated for twelve outstanding Airman awards, awarded numerous decorations and developed some of the most complex and sophisticated training courses in the world. Based on this, Ben has created courses in Travel Safety, Hostage Survival, Field Survival and now exclusive to the Universal Survival Innovations World, “Street Smarts” and “Get of the X”, both of which have their bases in real training for highly specialized people.

Ben just isn’t another Instructor. In many cases He wrote the book.

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