The Basic Fire Craft Kit comes complete with multiple striking tools, tinders, a mora companion knife, and a quick reference brochure to reference if needed.

Basic Fire Craft Kit - $74.99

The ability to construct a fire is essential to the protection of human life. When combined with the A.S.I.S.T. Fire Craft Video, fire construction is capable regardless of the weather or geography with a USI Basic Fire Craft Kit,.

Mora Knives were once made in every home by local craftsmen who passed down their skills from generation to generation.

Basic Fire Craft Kit - $74.99

Simple and Extremely Rugged is the best way to describe the Mora Companion. This all-in-one knife is perfect for bushcrafters, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts. The Basic Fire Craft Kit includes the Mora Companion in Orange.

It is impossible to create a fire without an ignition source. Universal Survival Innovations uses quality time-tested sources for the Basic Fire Craft Kit.

Basic Fire Craft Kit - $74.99

Fire construction is impossible without an ignition source. In the Basic Fire Craft Kit you will find stormproof matches, a Zippo Emergency Fire Kit, a ferrocerium rod, and an Inova MicroLight.

Tinders are the most delicate and important part of successful fire construction. USI only uses tinders that have been proven time and again in real survival situations.

Basic Fire Craft Kit - $74.99

Tinders are also a necessity for successful fire construction and can be man-made or natural. The USI Basic Fire Craft Kit includes a combination of pitchwood sticks, Utility Flame Gel, Wet Fire, and the USI SuperNovas.

The ASIST Video series is a new concept in the world of survival. SERE Survival Training in the comfort of your own home or live streaming in the field!

Basic Fire Craft Kit - $74.99

A great compliment to the USI Basic Fire Craft Kit is the A.S.I.S.T. Basic Fire Craft instructional video. You will learn the proper way to construct a fire that has been proven time and again by USAF SERE Specialists.


USI Basic Fire Craft Kit

Fire Craft on its own has saved countless lives when no other means were available. Positive Mental Attitude or PMA, Medical, Hydration, Food Procurement, Signaling, and Warmth are only a few of the uses for a fire. With a USI Fire Craft Kit AND the training on how to properly construct a fire, you have significantly increased your ability to survive an emergency situation.

The USI Basic Fire Craft Kit was originally designed for an outdoor education group who was looking for a way to bring their instructors up to a level where they could teach any student proper fire construction.

This kit, designed for an instructor, is also perfect for the outdoor enthusiast or the preparedness minded person. The kit is sealed in a waterproof pouch to ensure that all the components are in their best functioning condition when needed.

The kit includes:

  • Waterproof Pouch
  • Mora Companion Knife
  • Zippo Emergency Fire Starter
  • Ferrocerium Rod
  • Waterproof Matches
  • Pitchwood Tinder
  • WetFire Tinder
  • USI Supernova© Tinder
  • UtilityFlame Cooking Fuel/Tinder
  • MicroLight
  • Fire Craft Instructional Pamphlet
  • What is the A.S.I.S.T. Video Series?

    In today's fast paced mobile world, it is very difficult to dedicate the time necessary to attend a specific training program on location. USI's answer to this issue is the Applied SERE Instruction and Security Training Video Series. A.S.I.S.T. is an eLearning platform that USI has designed and implemented to deliver quality training to its patrons in the comfort of their own venue. This has become very popular with USI clients due to the ever growing need for specific programs that target large organizations with travel limitations.

    A program, in the USI vernacular, is the lesson, instruction and products which ensure the patron the best chance of returning from a survival situation. The USI Team is particularly well equipped to develop these programs due to their history as technical experts and writers for the United States Air Force. In fact, the S.E.R.E. Specialists at USI may have written more “survival” programs than any group other than the Department of Defense. USI cadre has written survival related programs for the DOD, Government Agencies, Private Companies, Public Schools and more.

    However, USI doesn’t stop with the writing of a program. Our experts initiate and develop a relationship with your people so as to instruct them in the use of the equipment and the skills necessary for surviving in their operational environment. Whether it is the Arctic, Open Ocean, Urban, Desert, Mountain or Forest the USI team can develop a program for you. USI is unique in the fact that we do not borrow other’s information and then teach from it; we develop it.

    Course planning and instruction are only two thirds of the equation. USI also designs and produces specialized survival kits for our clients based on our combined experience. You should never have to worry if the “kit” you are carrying will get you out. Whether it is caving, hiking through a jungle, or relaxing in your home in “tornado alley”, you can be confident that you are as prepared as anyone on the planet with a survival system designed for you specific needs.

    Through the A.S.I.S.T. Video Series, all participants from single individuals to global corporations can be educated with convenience and continuity.

    USI has been in the business of saving lives for a very long time and we take your survival S.E.R.E.ously!

    Ben Barr - Master SERE Instructor

    Ben has been teaching Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) since 1981 when he joined the USAF as a “Survival Instructor”. In that Thirty plus year period he has taught all aspects of SERE, trained at both domestic and international schools, written SERE doctrine and instruction, researched and developed cutting edge techniques for dealing with both psychological and physical challenges and injuries, tested equipment and wrote evaluations on results. He is a Master Instructor.

    The groups and individuals whom Ben has instructed and/or developed programs for include people from various military branches, government agencies, and civilians from all different backgrounds. Members of the Rangers, Green Berets, Pararescue, Combat Control, Navy SEALs, Air Force Crew Members and MARSOC are just some who Ben has taught. Outside the military he has taught people from the DEA, Local Law Enforcement, Department of Natural Resources, the FBI and other Federal Agencies. Equally adept at teaching civilian groups, Ben has instructed various lessons and developed programs for groups such as the Girls Scouts of America, South Carolina public schools, Covenant Heights and others.

    Unlike many Instructors in the “survival training” world, Ben brings to the table both experience from training as well as experience from some of the toughest streets and locations in the world. Ben has won Instructor of the Year three times, nominated for twelve outstanding Airman awards, awarded numerous decorations and developed some of the most complex and sophisticated training courses in the world. Based on this, Ben has created courses in Travel Safety, Hostage Survival, Field Survival and now exclusive to the Universal Survival Innovations World, “Street Smarts” and “Get of the X”, both of which have their bases in real training for highly specialized people.

    Ben just isn’t another Instructor. In many cases He wrote the book.

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